Let’s be clear: wine cocktails are not a new invention. Sangria, anyone? They are, however, making a comeback of sorts on the drinking scene. You’re probably having flashbacks to the wine spritzer days as you’re reading this – we don’t mean that people are just mixing up their cheap-o wine with mixers at home; bartenders are making some fancy recipes at bars all over the country (and you can too).

Some of our favorites:

Art Rock Phase at Knee High Stocking Company in Seattle – vodka, lemon, orange, agave and red wine.

Sage Riesling Cocktail at Felicia’s Atomic Lounge in Ithaca – Riesling, fresh sage leaves, simple syrup, lemon and garnished with an edible flower.

Miranda created for the release of Sex and the City 2 by Empire Lobby Bar in New York City – Bluecoat gin, lemon puree, simple syrup, lillet blanc, pinot noir, with a lemon wheel garnish.

Wine cocktails seem to be inherently more of a summer beverage since they are so refreshing, but we think they could work all year round. If you’ve tried one, or made one that you like, share the recipe, we’re dying to mix some up.