Tippy Cow. The name leaves your imagination running wild but the makers of RumChata have entered the cream liqueur world again. Their latest release is a rum infused liqueur with an awesome name and quite the interesting palette of flavors.

Fresh on liquor shelves, Tippy Cow debuted last week. The 14% ABV rum creams are packaged in old school milk bottles hitting you with a pang of nostalgia when you see them. Their first four flavors are hinting at the old fashioned as well: Orange Cream, Chocolate, Vanilla Soft Serve, and Shamrock Mint. Each flavor is a blend of Wisconsin dairy cream and Caribbean rum. When was the last time you saw Wisconsin and Caribbean in the same sentence? Never.

According to Tippy Cow lovers out there the flavors taste like a Dreamsicle, a Wendy’s Frosty, a Dairy Queen soft serve and a shamrock shake. We’re officially intrigued. The boozy milk bottles are now available in select U.S. cities at $16.99 a bottle.

Have you tried one of these Tippy Cow flavors? Let’s talk about them.