Introducing the newly launched John B. Stetson Kentucky Straight Bourbon. Best known for its long legacy of hat manufacturing, the John B. Stetson company crafts its Bourbon with Native American corn, barley, rye and wheat, distills it twice in a copper pot still and ages it in new American white oak barrels for four years.


Priced at $26.99 a 750-ml., John B. Stetson Kentucky Straight Bourbon, which is available nationally, at roughly the same price of a Stetson Seagrass Straw Gambler hat. takes us on a virtual sip of the new label:


Nose: Sweet corn, citrus, nice prevalence of alcohol.


Taste: Enters with mild butterscotch, corn, and a lovely mash flavor expresses itself. The grains are distinct yet smooth on mouthfeel. The higher proof than the typical 4 year bourbon allows the release of defined warmth and boldness with a light and welcomed bite. Overall, the flavor is straightforward enough for the novice whiskey drinker, yet unique for enthusiasts to enjoy.


Finish:  Slightly dry, fresh and spicy.


We love hats. We love bourbon. And while we don’t usually love designer labels in our liquor cabinet, we make an exception for this one.