The Red Robin chain is known for having some serious burgers…or rather, “gourmet burgers” as their logo so proudly states. But everyone knows that an awesome burger requires the company of either an equally awesome shake or beer. Red Robin has always had a few different boozy milkshakes, but they’ve come out with a very special one for Oktoberfest that makes it so we don’t have to choose between having a shake or a beer (drum roll, please)….the Sam Adams Octoberfest Milkshake.

The ingredients are basic, but the taste is magical:
• Vanilla soft serve ice cream
• Caramel
• Vanilla Syrup
• Sam Adams Octoberfest Beer
The Sam Adams Octoberfest Milkshake will be on the Red Robin menu until November 11, so you should probably make some plans to get down there stat. If you are feeling super Oktoberfest-y, you could pair the shake with the Oktoberfest burger…this masterpiece is no joke and they make sure to throw more beer in there for good measure:
• Toasted Pretzel Bun
• Fire-Grilled Beef
• Beer Mustard
• Black Forest Ham
• Beer Mustard Sautéed Onions
• Melted Swiss Cheese
We always love spiked sweets, so Red Robin…we salute you.