This Is The Best Beer Can of Summer

Beer June 7, 2017 3 Comments.

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Sorry, Budweiser. Yes, you managed to somehow up the American ante, which I didn’t think was possible after you made cans that literally replaced your brand name with “America” last summer. But you did it. Now they’re camo-colored too. (What happens if you put it down in the grass to throw a Frisbee? You’ll never find it again.) But Bud, you do not have the coolest-looking beer of the summer.


Sorry, Sam Adams. Your new Sam Summer cans are quite colorful and snazzy. They look modern and summery and, why yes, I do want to drink one right now. I will even admit that, after drinking a few of these, I will probably argue with friends over which color tastes the best, even if I know damn well it’s the exact same beer inside. But Sam, you do not have the coolest-looking beer of the summer, either.


That’s because this is the finest-looking, most majestic beer you will lay your eyes on this summer:


The best beer can of summer. Retro-cool New England brewery Narragansett got even retro-cooler when they brought back their 1975 can design. The can that was made iconic by “Jaws,” in which the grizzled Captain Quint literally crushed one:


Just look at that thing. It makes me want to grow a bushy 1970’s mustache, throw on some cutoff jean shorts and mow the lawn. But even if you don’t do that, do yourself a favor: Grab some of these beautiful cans, load them into an icy cooler, and class up your summer.

3 thoughts on “This Is The Best Beer Can of Summer

  1. DontChewCrush

    Since Quints training camp, i can crush a 24oz ice house edge nearly as fast, much more impressive in 2018…if one can hold that nasty pancake syrup down. In the Xtreme sports now a days, inhalin a 12oz is mere childs play, , hell i can snort 12oz..grab a 24oz of some nasty and keep it down, modern day Quintasism…working my way towards the new 42oz bottles…

    Necta of the Gods

  2. ChromeDontGettchaHome

    I gutted the elusive 32oz can back in 2006 w/ camo britches, can was chrome,not seen since spring 07

    Gut it down, never gut it up

  3. Michael McKenna

    Question, Bud Makes there Chelada in about four seperate types. My favorite is Bud light and clamato with extra lime. Problem is its not sold in grocery stores, I can only find it at select covenant stores. Why?

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