IMG_5284Happy Thirsty Thursday, one and all. Today we want to take on a liquor-filled DIY project directly from the drinking deities: a watermelon-vodka slushy. We’re sure you’ve heard of a watermelon keg, but what about actually using the watermelon itself as both a fruity, boozy concoction and its container? Depending on the size of your watermelon, this could take a little longer than 30 seconds to make – but either way you’ll be satisfied with the sweetness that is the end result. You only need a few items to master this drinking method, so let’s get the party started:

You’ll need:

  1. A watermelon
  2. A bottle of vodka
  3. A wire hanger
  4. A drill

First drill a hole in your watermelon. After doing so, snap off a piece of the wire hanger and secure it to the drill. Feed the drill (with wire hanger attachment) through the hole and blend the inside of the melon (making the slushy). Remove the drill and pour the bottle of vodka through the hole. Place the melon in the fridge until it’s chilled. Once it’s at your desired temperature, cut a spout and pour the watermelon–vodka slushy into a glass. Enjoy.