Think: flask, and you either think: Dean Martin or hobo. The flask is an everyman item that time and technology has barely changed. Or has it? features a range of today’s flasks that range from BPA-free plastic to sterling silver — again, something for everyone. The improvements on this icon are few, and its popularity is gaining in a time of penny-pinching.


Where do you use your flask, or where will you use it when you put it on your birthday wishlist? We’ve heard everything from the obvious (football games) to the weird (the DMV). Chime in and leave a comment of your own.


P.S. This might be one of those articles that incites an angry wave of comments accusing us of spoiling something old school, little known, or both. So our apologies in advance to the too-cools who are already rocking a flask, or were about to before we joined the GQs and Restoration Hardwares of the world and mainstreamed it (even more).