Lever model wine openers out perform corkscrews several-fold. This, you know. So, the question is: why do waiters always use corkscrews? Answer: they are required to open the bottle at the table in front of the guest. Learn something new every day.


And today, we learned what the gold standard of wine openers is:  the Rogar Estate Wine Opener Set with Hardwood Handle & Table Stand. Ta da! This, according to an uber-discerning review panel at Galt Technology, is the most popular selling table top wine opener thanks to a patented design. Owners report effortless operation and that “they look nice, too!” The added feature of recorking wine bottles is worth half the price ($135) if you ask us.


Galt.com also endorses the Metrokane Rabbit line of wine openers, the Le Creuset Lever Wine Opener Gift Set, and the Screwpull Elegance Lever Model Corkscrew Gift Set.


For the gadget freak, go for the top-rated Oster 4207 Electric Wine Opener. Opens wine with the touch of a button. Say no more.


If you want to remain Old School, the most popular waiters’ corkscrews are the Pulltap Wine Openers that offer a hinged 2-step system and feature a serrated knife blade, contoured steel handle, and teflon-coated spiral. The $7 pricetag is a perk, as well.