As far as we’re concerned, beer names are the new celebrity baby names. Forget Apple and Suri – beer companies, especially craft breweries, are really getting creative with what they’re naming their brews. It’s hard to stand out in a sea of great beers, so while basic names like Bud and Miller are still out there, more “interesting” names like “Yellow Snow” and “Goser the Goserian” are popping up.

One of our favorite names we’ve seen recently is “Forever Unloved Sandy,” more affectionately known as “FU Sandy.” It’s made by Flying Fish and it will be available in draught only throughout the New Jersey and Philadelphia region beginning early next month. The best part is that every aspect of the wheat/pale ale has been donated – the ingredients, the kegs – so 100% of proceeds will go towards a New Jersey-based charity dedicated to Hurricane Sandy relief. They’re expecting to bring in about $50,000 from the 100 kegs they will brew.

Some other good names that have tickled our funny bone over the last few years include:

• Hoptimus Prime – Legacy
• Smooth Hoperator – Stoudts
• Sexual Chocolate – Foothills Brewing Company
• Alimony Ale – Buffalo Bill
• Tastes Like Burning (Ralph Wiggum’s Revenge) – Ithaca Beer Co.
• Lumpy Gravy – Lagunitas

We love a good creative name to go along with our beer, and its just one of the many things we love about craft beer (seriously, name one big company that has a cool name.) What would you name a beer, if you could choose anything you want?