Since it was National Beer Day on Tuesday, I headed to the liquor store for a fresh pack of brew. I’m never in a rush while in the presence of alcohol, so naturally, I browsed around. As I strolled up and down the aisles, I noticed a lot of pink bottles. I know these bottles are supposed to entice me, as I am female, but honestly, it deters me more than it tempts. Maybe it’s similar to how I can’t stand the pink hat crew (younger than 10 years old exempt) at sporting events. If you want to wear your teams gear, wear the gear, but I’m pretty sure the team colors aren’t pink.


I really don’t have anything against pink, I just don’t understand why alcohol specifically made for my female palate has to come in a pink bottle.


Maybe I’m in the minority (I find myself there more than not), so I’d like to hear what my fellow lady drinkers think. Alcohol for women; does the bottle have to be pink?