FBFor many people, their favorite alcohol brands have a special place in their heart. After years of loyalty, they start to feel more like old friends – and what do you do with friends? You find them on Facebook and Twitter…duh.


In the world of social media, some brands are better than others. If you aren’t already linked up with these alcohol brands, you might want to consider throwing a “Like” their way.


Mike’s Hard Lemonade

We love Mike’s because they understand that social media isn’t all about trying to outwardly sell your product – it’s about engaging with your customers, and sometimes, that means you don’t need to talk about how great your brand is. They post some ridiculously funny pictures and statuses, encourage creative photo submissions and post regularly (but not in an annoying way). Mike’s holds a special place in our hearts because we mentioned them on Twitter a while ago, and they immediately created a piece of custom art work to go along with our mention.



Heineken is a social media superstar – last time we checked, they were the alcohol brand with the most likes on Facebook (over 12 million). One of our favorite things they did was a series/contest called “The Candidate.” They were hiring an event and sponsorship intern and instead of putting them through the “typical” interview, they did a hidden camera-type of situation and really put them through the wringer. They did all sorts of awkward things to them, like holding their hand on the way to the interview room. Afterwards, the top interviewees were put online and Heineken fans voted for their favorite candidate. The winner got the job and now works for the company – all thanks to social media.



Jack Daniel’s

We love that Jack Daniel’s keeps it classy and true to their brand. Jack has teamed up with the Zac Brown Band to feature a video gallery, tour schedule, pictures and downloads. We also give them bonus points on Twitter because they write unique content and talk to their fans. Twitter is one of the ultimate platforms to engage with fans of your company and Jack Daniel’s totally gets that.


Pavan Liqueur

We wrote about Pavan not too long ago and ever since then we’ve been obsessed. The brand is all about luxury, which becomes clear after taking a look at their social media pages. Their Facebook and Twitter are great but their Pinterest is what keeps us coming back for more. Like Mike’s they realize that social isn’t all about promoting your product but about engaging your followers. Pavan does this by pinning pictures of luxury, extravagance and a lavish lifestyle, exactly what their liqueur represents. And naturally, we can’t resist the cocktail recipes.


Woodchuck Cider

We admit it: we’re suckers for Instagram. How can you not love scrolling through filtered photos for hours? Especially when the pictures are of booze. We follow plenty of brands but Woodchuck Cider is our winner. Not only do they include original photos but they also post content from their followers—the ultimate way to please your fans. The people over at Woodchuck are pros at including their product, cool drinking scenes and humor in their posts. Oh yeah, they’re Twitter and Facebook are pretty kick ass too.


What brands do you love following on social? If we get some suggestions we may need to come out with a part two…