Sun shining, ocean breeze, cocktail in hand, sounds like a dream right? Or a bottle of Pavan Liqueur. The fancy new booze from the South of France is bringing all of its Mediterranean luxury to the U.S. and we’re ready to indulge.

Pavan is a combination of Muscat grapes from the South of France and orange blossom. Named after the 16th century dance of the peacock (not joking), the brand is aiming to celebrate the colors and flavors of the Mediterranean through the cocktail. It’s all about glamour and luxury.

Not only does it sound delicious but according to our sources, the liqueur can be enjoyed almost any way you like.

Some of our favorites:

• On the rocks

• With sparkling water or champagne and fresh fruit

• With vodka and a hint of lemon

• Signature Pavan Sangria

Hoping to become the next big thing, Pavan is hitting the largest U.S. cities first. The 18% ABV liqueur made its debut in Miami in December and is slated to hit New York City and Los Angeles later this month.

We’re convinced it’s only a matter of time before we see Pavan on cocktail menus everywhere. And come on, how could you say no to that bottle?