Golia Vodka

When you go to the liquor store or look behind the bar, what do you see? Vodka from Russia, Sweden, Poland, America, even from France. But Mongolia? That’s a country we don’t hear from often.


Golia Vodka is the first vodka to hail from the East Asia country. And what’s the first thing to come to mind when you think of Mongolia? Genghis Khan, obviously. Golia is honoring their home country’s famous warrior by dedicating their vodka to all the rugged and adventurous men out there (or all those that think they’re rugged). With a tagline like “Prepare to be conquered,” you should probably expect to enter into a fierce battle after taking your first shot.


The vodka is filtered six times in silver and platinum, apparently giving it an unmatched smoothness. Golia debuted earlier this summer in select U.S. markets. At $29.99 a bottle, they plan to go national later this year. So men, channel your inner Genghis Khan and prepare to be conquered by Golia.