Don Pancho rum

When you’re considered a master of your craft, you know you’re doing something right. And when you’re a master of the rum world, you’re automatically added to our list of drinking heroes. Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, legendary rum distiller, has earned that title and is now bringing some of his highest quality rums to us.


Don Pancho has partnered with Terlato Wines to import his exclusive line of rums, Don Pancho Origenes. Starting in 2014, two new rums from the collection with debut: Don Pancho’s 30-year-old and his 18-year-old edition. Casually priced at $425, the oldest rum is the pride of the collection followed by the 18 at $90. Following those two releases will be an 8-year-old edition that we’re hoping comes with a cheaper price tag. Side note: Don Pancho dates his rums according to the age of the youngest rum in the blend. Aka there could be rums in these bottles older than 30. Our minds are officially blown.


So how do you become a world-renowned master rum distiller? Take a note from Don Pancho. The rum genius learned his skills in his native Cuba where he began his career working on Havana Club. In the 1990s, he moved to Panama where he founded Las Cabras Distillery, one of the most important rum distilleries in the world today. That’s when his unmatched skills started to be noticed by big brands and rum lovers alike.


As if he wasn’t busy enough with his own distillery, Pancho has been involved with the creation of several rums on the market, like Cana Brava from The 86 Co. Simon Ford, The 86 Co founder, told us that one of the main reasons they distill their rum in Panama is for Don Pancho’s expertise and the quality of the rums he produces. Talk about a compliment.


And now it’s time for Don Pancho to give us a taste of his own collection. He’s been aging his own rums for years and Origenes is guaranteed to be exceptional. We’ll start saving now just so we can afford a bottle.