There’s a new alcohol company on the block called The 86 Co. and it was created by Simon Ford who realized, “Hey, bartenders know a lot. We should probably ask them what they like.” The new company was launched by Ford, and four other partners, two of which are bartenders.

The line of spirits is the brainchild of expert bartenders and master distillers, who came together to design everything from the drinks to the bottles themselves. The bartending community inspired the style, flavor profile and taste of the spirits, making them versatile, full-bodied and made for mixing. The bottles are a full liter (not 750ml) and ergonomically designed for functionality. Bartenders also felt it was necessary for the bottles to have more engaging labels, detailing how the products were made.

The product line-up:

• Fords Gin

• Cana Brava Rum

• Aylesbury Duck Vodka

• Tequila Cabeza

The new spirits first went on sale in Texas, California, New York and Chicago this past September. As of this week, they should now be available in Florida, Washington, Tennessee and Massachusetts. Ford expects the line to be available in half the country by May, with Washington D.C., Colorado, New Jersey, Arkansas and Louisiana up next for distribution.