The vodka industry has received a lot of backlash over the past couple of years because of the disgusting flavors being released. We like having choices, but when we start seeing flavors like “Wasabi” and “Bubble Gum” on liquor store shelves, we don’t count them as options.


The good news is we’ve noticed the flavored vodka thing calming down a bit. The (possibly) bad news is that it seems to be contagious because it’s spreading to whiskey. So far there aren’t too many flavors and it’s still under control. We’re actually more interested to see if you guys agree with us when we say that adding flavor (honey, maple, you name it) is intruding on our typically testosterone-laced favorite liquor.


Adding flavors certainly boosts sales, which is great for the folks making a profit off the stuff, but is it ruining the integrity of a solid whiskey on the rocks? Would Don Draper have been as baller if he was sipping a cinnamon-flavored whiskey in the board room? Sure, the flavors aren’t half bad… but this is a matter of history and pride.


On the other hand, perhaps non-experienced whiskey drinkers would appreciate it more once they get to taste the flavored variety. While they’ll probably love a cherry whiskey mixed with Diet Coke, they may not be ready for a straight aged whiskey. This is a good way to get your lame buddies on the right track to appreciating real whiskey.


We talk tough, but if we’re being honest we’ve gotta admit that we’re kind of enjoying some of the new whiskey flavors. We had a good laugh when we tried Tap 357’s Maple Whiskey, and didn’t hate it as much as we thought we might. We’re willing to give them a shot, but if we see wasabi-flavored whiskey in the liquor store, we are going on strike.