Warren Bobrow (pictured), writer for the Wild River Review, shared with us his fall-centric, Carved Pumpkin cocktail. Warren noted, “It begs the question, do we like drinking in the fall, winter, spring or summer?”


The Carved Pumpkin

1. Roast a seeded-skinned small sugar pumpkin, 350 degrees for about an hour, cool and puree until smooth
2. Cut into very small cubes a Macoun Apple (very tart baking apple) for garnish
3.  3 oz of SNAP- USDA Certified Organic Ginger Snap liquor from Art in the Age
4. 1 oz of Cabana Cachaca
5. 3 drops from a medicine dropper of “Bitter-cube” Lemon Tree Bitters
6. 1 Glace *Gourmet* ice-cube
7. 1 tsp. of Dark Brown Sugar simple syrup
8. 1 fresh Sage leaf
9. splash of Q-Tonic Water



Fill cocktail shaker with a few ice cubes
Add 2 tablespoons of the  sugar pumpkin puree, all liquors and brown sugar simple syrup –  shake lightly
In a pre-chilled martini glass place one Glace ice cube and strain the liquors into the glass
Garnish with apple  cubes and add exactly three drops of Bittercube Lemon Tree Bitters
Garnish with the tart Macoun Apple cubes and a fresh sage leaf.
Serve & Enjoy.


It’s not your 30 second cocktail but well worth the labor.