beercadeArcade games are awesome, no matter how old you are. However, there does come a point where you really don’t care about the tickets you win because all they get you is a glow-in-the-dark bouncy ball and a kazoo. Why can’t they reward you with something you really want, like beer?


Consider your wish granted, because two guys from North Carolina have created the ultimate arcade game called “The Last Barfighter.” Instead of pumping the machine full of quarters, you place your cup on a drip tray and there are motion detectors to sense it. Play against a friend for three rounds and the “beercade” will automatically dispense a sample of beer for the winner.


The beercade is the brainchild of Adam Carroll and Owen Tingle, working for the advertising firm McKinney, who teamed up with Big Boss Brewing Company, from Raleigh. They wanted the game to be a fighting-style competition like “Street Fighter” or “Mortal Kombat” and all of the characters are named after Big Boss’s five primary beers: Hell’s Belle, Bad Penny, Angry Angel, Blanco Diablo and High Roller.


Sadly, there’s only one machine currently and it lives in the Big Boss taproom. They do, however, realize the amount of buzz they’re getting and plan to expand their beer dispensing enterprise in the near future. The first expansion will probably be at beer festivals and other special events, but who knows – it could show up at your local bar at some point down the road. We’re looking forward to the day that our girlfriends or wives actually care about watching us play video games (we know they’ll just be using us for the beer, but if that’s the only way to show off our fighting skills, then so be it.)