You’ve heard us talk about the beer mile before. It’s the unforgiving, yet prestigious feat of running a mile while intermittently chugging beers. “WHY?” you ask? We don’t know. But we definitely cheer on those who have the desire to attempt this daunting challenge. To be exact, one must run 4 400-meter laps, and chug a 12 oz. beer (≥ 5% ABV) before each lap.

1 mile. 4 laps. 4 beers. Infinite glory.

In recent years, the world record has been passed around a bit. Back in Spring 2014, James Nielsen was the first man to break the five minute mark, coming in at 4:57.1. Then, Lewis Kent stole the title in August with a 4:55.8 time, before being outshined a month later by Corey Gallagher and his 4:45.4 time.

However, all of this is nothing more than water under the bridge now, as the title has been taken to new levels. Previous world record holder Lewis Kent has returned to the throne again after running the beer mile in 4:51.9 yesterday. The guy’s an absolute savage.

So the next time you can’t summon the energy to get up from your couch to grab your next beer, think of Lewis Kent and all of the hard work he’s done in the name of beer drinkers everywhere. And yes, he’s Canadian.