Ciroc vodka

Now that December has started, hoops season is in full gear. In addition to the dunks and buzzer beaters, the basketball world is trying to put fans into the seats with booze. Now they’re talking our language.


The new toast of the NBA is Diddy’s Ciroc Vodka and the combination sounds like a slam-dunk. Diageo, who owns Ciroc, has become the official partner of the NBA and will supply all the spirits sold at arenas around the country.  Who knows, Ciroc and soda could become the best duo since Jordan and Pippen.


In an effort to get more people in the seats for their woman’s basketball games, Louisville grabbed our attention with a brilliant idea: free beer. Women’s basketball coach Jeff Walz offered a voucher for a free beer for the first 2,500 fans in attendance at their recent game against LSU. Our new favorite coach claims he was trying to say, “the first drink’s on me. Thanks for coming out.” Thank you Coach Walz, anytime.


Michael Jordan, arguably the greatest basketball player who ever lived, has made the transition from player, to owner, and now to beer pong enthusiast. He was recently spotted playing beer pong against a groom celebrating his wedding on a visit to The Ritz-Carlton in Miami. Not only did this lucky guy play against MJ, who was casually smoking a cigar, he beat him. This has to be the greatest wedding story of all time.


Basketball is a game of teamwork, and we love that booze is the newest teammate. There is no sport we wouldn’t watch with a free beer. If you need us, we’ll be attending all of the Louisville women’s basketball games that we can.