The Bachelorette: More Than A Head Game

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Maybe you’ve heard of the Bachelorette (as in Monday night ABC reality show) drinking game. Or maybe this show drives you to drink. Either way, it doesn’t take more than a few keystrokes to get “smart” about all the variations of this youthful (read: immature) way to spend time with friends.


Here’s the deal.


Sip every time…


• Someone says “here for the right/wrong reasons.” Sip again if he admits to being there for the wrong reasons.

• A guy speaks in a foreign language.

• A guy kisses Ashley. Sip again if he picks her up.

• A guy calls his mother.

• Dentistry is mentioned. Sip again if dentistry metaphors or props are used.

• Someone gives Ashley a gift. Sip again if it’s wine!

• Someone says “journey.”

• Someone says “husband.”

• Ashley talks about how hot someone/the group is. Sip again if you disagree.

• Someone says “love,” “imagine,” “connection,” “amazing,” or “rose.”


(Adapted from BuddyTV)

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