Top-5-Drinking-Games-600x401It’s that time of year again, when it’s getting too cold to want to leave the house, much less wait in line outside for a packed bar. If you’re planning to stay in, but still want to get your drink on, we’ve got you covered with these winter-appropriate drinking games.

The name of the game: Snowpocalypse
Get important weather updates AND get drunk.
What you need: A buddy so you don’t drink alone and alcohol
How it’s played: When there’s a storm approaching, turn on the weather channel and get ready to drink.

  • Sip: Every time you hear the word “blizzard”
  • Pull: Every time you hear the words “winter storm”
  • Drink: Every time you hear the word “snowmageddon”
  • Finish your drink: Every time you hear the word “snowpocalyse”
  • Chug a drink/take a shot: If you hear a new term to describe the winter storm, e.g. “blizzardcane” or “snowgate.”

The name of the game: Drunk Frozen
It’s inevitable that someone will get “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” stuck in your head this winter, so just embrace it.
What you need: Frozen the movie, alcohol, and 1 or more friends
How it’s played: Turn on the movie and get your drinks ready

  • Take a Drink: whenever someone burst into song and/or dance.
  • Do a Shot: every time the trolls show up/you see or hear about carrots.
  • Take a Drink: whenever Elsa can’t control her magic.
  • Bonus Sip: anytime Elsa uses her powers.
  • Do a Shot: for each Hidden Mickey you spot. Take Two: if you’re the last one to see it.
  • Take a Drink: every time Anna goes full-spaz.
  • Shotgun a Beer: when your frozen heart melts

The name of the game: Drunk Monopoly
If the power goes out, there are still some alcoholic activities you can do—break out the board games and cards and some flashlights and get ready to remember your childhood.
What you need: Monopoly board game and 1 or more friends
How it’s played: Set up the board and keep your eye on Park Place

  • Drink when you land on someone’s property, three times if they own all colors
  • Drink when you roll doubles
  • Drink when you land on GO
  • Drink twice when you go to Jail
  • Drink if you’re in jail and someone lands on “just visiting”
  • Everyone drinks (except roller) if you land on free parking
  • Finish drink when you go bankrupt

If all else fails, there’s always King’s Cup. Grab a deck of cards and drinks and prepare to argue over what the different cards mean. If you need a rule list, try this one.