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Beer March 17, 2011 4 Comments.

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We received a rather exciting email the other day. The subject line read: Beef Jerky & Beer Delivery.


As a result of said email and some back and forth shortly thereafter, we learned about Thanks, Bro. It’s a delivery service allowing bros to say “thank you” like a man with beef jerky and beer. 


How does it work? Simple…


1.     Pick a six-pack (Magic Hat, Guinness, and Stella are among the many options)

2.     Pick a beef jerky

3.     Pick what it comes in (Yankees cap, perhaps?)

4.     Fill out you and your bros info

5.     Type your thank you note and what you want it written on (pizza box flap is an option)


Stumped on when to use this service? We’ve thought of a few (obvious) occasions.


Thank your bro…


–       After he picks up the bar tab

–       After he foolishly bets the under and you win on the over

–       After he sacrifices his evening’s outcome to wingman for yours

–       After he invites you to a playoff game with his company’s tickets

–       After he lets you sob on his shoulder when your girlfriend breaks up with you


To those of you who live in Manhattan, this service is available now. Use the promo code “americanbro” and receive 20% off (don’t say we never gave you nothing). As for the rest of us, fingers crossed they hit our cities soon. We’re feeling grateful.




small disclaimer: I’m a woman, not a bro, so I may be way off here, but this sounds pretty cool to me.

4 thoughts on “Thanks, Bro

  1. Brosiden

    Whoaaa unless there is a computer in your kitchen I don’t know how you found this website. Get back and keeping making us bros sandwhiches and not worrying about how to compensate your fellow bro. Beef jerky and beers is not a concern of yours so chill. MLIB

  2. DIA Post author

    Well Brosiden, there actually is a computer in our kitchen.

    Oh and it’s sandwich*

  3. broseidon

    @ brosiden, i am broseidon, plz change your user name, people are getting confused and i keep getting phone call to my brocean phone telling me to learn how to spell sandwich (the only word a bro needs to be able to spell). bro hard or bro home or make me a goddamn sandwich.

  4. bromeo

    I would immediately bring any chick into my apartment if she sent me beer and beef jerky and a drawing of boobs on a pizza box, but i’d feel weird if a bro sent me a gift via delivery like a bromo. either way… this is backed.

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