Dirty Tequila

It all started as a mixed drink in a restaurant in Arizona. George Duerr spent years experimenting with different recipes before creating his signature tequila cocktail. Customers loved it so Duerr decided to bottle it. Wouldn’t you?


But this isn’t your typical margarita or Bloody Mary. Duerr’s concoction of tequila, pineapple juice, cinnamon and other secret flavors has earned the name Dirty Tequila. The drink starts as blue agave silver tequila and with the addition of the flavors plus agave nectar, you have a sweet but smooth tequila drink. Duerr suggests drinking it chilled neat, on the rocks or adding it to your favorite tequila cocktail to give it an extra kick.


Right now, Dirty Tequila is available in Arizona, California, Nevada and Colorado at $19.99 (750 ml). Next up: Georgia, Oklahoma and Texas. They hope to keep going until they reach the rest of the U.S. We can’t decide if we would drink this straight, but it would probably make a good addition to a cocktail.


How would you drink Dirty Tequila?