This weekend, most of us only have one thing on our mind, and it is surely a reason to drink. On Super bowl Sunday, Americans consume more than 325.5 million gallons of beer, approximately 17 times the amount consumed normally. That’s not to mention the countless Super Bowl inspired cocktails that people think up, like the “Patron Pigskin”.


And the best part? You don’t have to love football to have a blast on Super Bowl Sunday. Even if you think the Giants are from Cleveland and Tom Brady is just Gisele’s lucky husband, it’s a time to imbibe and celebrate.  Of course, what’s not to love about a day of hors d’oeuvres and parties with close friends that take place almost entirely on the couch? Not everyone here at DIA is a football fanatic, so we designed a drinking game to be played by everyone, and enjoyed even by those who think “punt” is a dirty word.


Take a sip when the following happens:


-A girl asks for the remote to check the score on the Puppy Bowl


-One player smacks another guy’s butt in a huddle (the camera is out here, boys. We saw that)


-Someone gets choked up over this year’s Google commercial


-Someone passes out before halftime


-A Budweiser commercial airs with at least 1 animal. One sip per animal after that.


-Someone in the room imitates a player’s victory dance (this will likely happen more as the game goes on)


-Pyrotechnics go off at the half time show (every time)


-Someone says Madonna looks old and starts a fight with someone who says Madonna looks great for her age


-Someone asks which team is which after halftime


-Someone complains they ate too many pigs in a blanket


-Someone complains that there aren’t any pigs in a blanket left (double if it’s the same person as above)


-After the game, someone who passed out wakes up and asks who won the World Series


So stock up on booze this Super bowl Sunday and have a ball! You can even add your own twists. Everyone at the party, no matter how much they like football, will be rolling on the floor laughing (definitely rolling on the floor).