It’s no secret that 2013 was a rough year for Stoli. After being the recent victims of a seemingly worldwide boycott, they suffered majorly in bars and on the liquor shelves. They have Russia and their anti-LGBT policies to thank for that but Stoli is taking charge and reinventing themselves in the new year.


Other than the boring stuff like changing their marketing strategy and switching up leadership, the Russian vodka brand recently revealed they’ll be streamlining their flavor lineup. Suffering from a little flavor fatigue, Stoli? The brand says they will start to phase out certain flavors in 2014, in response to overcrowding in the flavored vodka category. No word yet on what flavors will be ditched but we have a sneaking suspicion that Salted Karamel and Chocolat Kokonut might not make the cut.


Do you think other brands should start cleaning house like Stoli? Or will you miss their wide range flavors?