People who come to our house for a drink often leave picking cork out of their teeth. We are inept with a corkscrew. Particularly on picnics when there are no back-up tools on hand.


So we’re especially pleased that someone — namely, Matt Zimmer, Jodi Wynn and Doug Allan — helped fumble-thumbs like us out with new Stacked Wines.


It’s a bottle of wine made out of break-off-able cups.


The portion control aspect is also a great idea.


But what about what’s inside this fabulous contraption? The folks at deem the wine “quaffable” and compared it to chardonnay from Clos du Bois, the red to Blackstone merlot.


It (they) are only $14.99, and each glass contains just over six ounces.


Give them a try. You might just deep six (or for others ‘eighty-six’) your corkscrew.