Maybe you’ve heard. Bethenny Frankel has entered the wine game with a page from the Nabisco 100-Calorie Pack playbook: introducing three new wines that, at 12%-abv, pack a mere 100 per 5-ounce serving.


New Skinny Girl wines are made by the Winery Exchange, based in Novato, California and while we haven’t tried them yet, we’re sure they are plenty acceptable and ultra-drinkable.


This makes us wonder (out loud) about why people drink wine, which is a conversation for another time. But we’re sort of sure that no one is drinking to lose weight.


Skinnygirl wine let’s us indulge a little (a few Hersey kisses) without calling it a splurge (entire sleeve of Thin Mints). Ask the bartender how many Weight Watchers points it has. Go ahead.


In the end, let’s face it, this stuff will likely fly off the shelf. Bathing suit season looms.