Wine bottle DIY

Christmas is getting pretty close, ladies. One week left. Have you finished your shopping?

Yeah, we haven’t either.

We don’t have a ton of money this year, so we told ourselves we were going to make presents for our friends and family. The ideas we were finding online weren’t too impressive, but then we took one look around our house and realized the inspiration had been there all along: tons of empty liquor and wine bottles. Hey, we like to drink.

Here are some fun DIY ideas for repurposed liquor bottle Christmas presents:


Liquor Bottle Candle

Candles are always a good DIY gift, but make them a little extra special by putting them in old liquor bottles. You could choose bottles that look cool or brands that the recipient is a fan of. There are different methods for safely cutting a liquor bottle, so watch this video for a little help in that department. If you don’t feel like making candles, you could also just cut the bottles and turn them into drinking glasses. Just make sure there are no jagged edges left because your friends will probably hate you if you make them bleed.


Liquor Bottle Lamp

You can make this project as expensive or as cheap as you want, so do whatever makes you happy and fits your budget. Your bottle will serve as the base of the lamp, so you can either go to the store and get a wiring kit and a new pretty shade, or you can dismantle a lamp you already own and give it new life with the liquor bottle. This tutorial has some great step-by-step instructions.


Liquor Bottle Bath Salt Holder

You can theoretically use any bottles that you want, but we think shorter, wider bottles like Patron look better for this. You want them to sort of look like normal bath salt holders, but prettier and more unique. You can paint the bottles, or just leave them the way they are. Find a few bath salt scents you think the gift recipient would like, pour them in the bottle and you’re good to go.


Melted Wine Bottle Cheese Tray

These look so cool, but we have to be honest – they’re not easy to make. You need to have access to a kiln and know how to use it; if you don’t, call a local glass blowing studio and ask them if they’ll help you. Either way, here are the instructions if you’re feeling particularly adventurous.

Who knew all our your used up wine and booze bottles could come in handy for the holiday gifting season. We know what our friends are getting.