girls night out ideas

Every woman is different, but no matter whether you’re single or married, a parent or not, rich or poor… one thing is still for certain: you need a girl’s night. There are just times when letting loose with some girl friends and a drink is exactly what you need.


It can be hard to come up with original ideas for girl’s nights, so many times they end up being a trip to a bar/club, restaurant, or a night in wearing sweatpants, drinking wine and venting about the frustrations of every day life. But how about something different for your next girl’s night? We have three words for you: interactive cocktail class.


As craft cocktails become more popular and bars/mixologists are putting far more time and effort into their alcoholic concoctions, there’s also a rising interest in drinkers wanting to learn more about what they’re drinking and how it’s made. The bar and liquor industry knows this and so in many cities and towns around the U.S., you should be able to find some type of cocktail-making class that you and your girlfriends can schedule for a fun time together.


So…where do you find these cocktail-making classes?


You have a few different options to choose from. First, do some straight up Googling for cocktail classes in your town or the nearest major city. There may be a local bar or restaurant that does cocktail classes once a month, a major organization coming to your town that hosts cocktail-making classes across the country, or a local school that offers continuing education type classes for adults.


Still not finding a class, or at least one you’re interested in? That’s just your opportunity to create your own dream class. Think of a local bar or restaurant that is known for great, innovative cocktails and call them up. Ask them if they’d be willing to host a private cocktail class for you and your friends and then negotiate a rate with them. You may even be able to tell them what types of drinks or trends you’re interested in and they’ll design the class based on your interests.


No matter what kind of cocktail-making class you end up choosing, you’ll be sure to learn something new and will enjoy a fun, hands-on activity with some of your friends. Plus anything that involves cocktails always makes for a great girls night out.