We all love a night out with the girls, but sometimes getting dressed up and going to the same bar uptown can get repetitive. We’re not suggesting you ditch the wine (we’d never say that) but why not mix it up and drink with a little creative flare?


Paint Nite

creative girls night ideas

Paint Nite is growing in popularity throughout the United States, and we can see why as it combines the timeless past time of painting with our favorite past time of drinking. The idea is that you go to a local restaurant or bar, have a cocktail (or two) and learn how to paint a painting from a local artist who will provide all the materials. We promise you’ll leave with a your own masterpiece and a good buzz – no experience necessary.


Paint Your Own Pottery (And Wine)

creative girls night ideas


This one may take a little research on your part, but we promise you they’re out there. More and more paint-your-own pottery shops are hosting BYOB Ladies nights allowing us to indulge in a little girl time. While leaving your kids and husband at home is a perk in its own, many of these shops are also offering Girls Night discounts where your pottery is 10-15% off. Your biggest worry will be what color to paint your new coffee mug.