The term ‘shopaholic’ is taking on a new meaning. What once was used to describe a person who loves to shop can now be used to describe a person who likes to get a little tipsy in the paper goods aisle.

The Kroger grocery chain has had beer stations in place for years in Arizona. With a row of craft taps available to customers, they can fill a growler or attend one of many tastings to find a new favorite brew. Kroger even sells tasting flights and pints in hopes that a little buzz will make you spring for the name brand bacon. After a long while of Arizona getting to have all the fun, Kroger has finally decided to expand their beer stations to more and more states. A good day for beer lovers, indeed. Craft brewers like it too because it allows their tap-only offerings to meet a wider audience. We’re all winners with Kroger’s beer stations.

Not to be outdone, Target is making moves too. A new location to be opened in Chicago this October has applied for two liquor licenses. One covers packaged goods to keep in line with many of the other Target locations, and the other covers “consumption on premises” which means exactly what you think it does. While these licenses have yet to get the official OK, we refuse to stop believing.  After all, it’s every adult’s dream to drink a beer while their kids go back to school shopping.