RumChata Cocktail and French Toast Recipe

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For those of you who don’t know, RumChata is a “rum cream liqueur made as an authentic replica of the best Horchata you have ever tasted. It’s made from scratch using real ingredients — rice, sugar, cinnamon and vanilla.”

The name seems to just roll off your tongue… RumChata… Whether you like his music or not, Enrique Iglesias’ name is fun to say. And things that are fun to say rank: Teletubbies, Google, P. Diddy…. Add an exotic name or foreign lingo to the mix and we go ga-ga. Could RumChata be a case and point of this sophomoric hypothesis?

Well something is making RumChata the name on everyone’s lips — particularly in Illinois and Wisconsin, of all places.

And people are lapping it up. They use it as milk, in their Sunday coffee. Some use it on cereal — you know who you are. Recipes include French Toast and a Snickerdoodle cocktail (see below) that is just plain awesome. Some are getting free mugs with purchase.


Then, there used to be an RumChata app. And its cameo appearance on Entourage (another fun name to say).

And that’s not all… Now you can enjoy your ice coffee AND your RumChata simultaneously. Introducing FrappaChata (another word we will be repeatedly saying in our heads over and over again). It’s a perfect blend of coffee and rum. And it’s the first ready-to-drink, adult iced coffee.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying, there’s a lot going on in the RumChata world — so much that it’s been in short supply.

RumChata® French Toast

3 eggs
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup RumChata®
8 slices white or french bread
1 Tbsp butter

Leave bread slices out in a paper bag overnight to dry out. With a fork beat together eggs, milk, and RumChata®. Heat butter in griddle over medium heat until melted. Dip bread slices into egg mixture and cook until golden brown about 2-3 minutes per side.


2 oz RumChata®
2 oz cake vodka

Combine the ingredients in a rocks glass filled with ice. Stir well and serve with a snickerdoodle cookie on the side.

Enlighten us as to why you like RumChata so darn much. Beyond its roll-off-your-tongue name.

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Please Note: This article was originally posted on 11/7/11 and updated on 2/14/23.

86 thoughts on “RumChata Cocktail and French Toast Recipe

  1. Curt

    I just heard this one but haven’t tried it: French Toast shot. Mix RumChatta and Heath Rum. Heath Rum is only available in Northern Wisconsin (Green Bay area), made by The North Woods Distillery.

  2. Angela

    I tried Rum Chata for the first time a month ago and I love it!!! It’s a great drink! I have been drinking Rum Chata with rootbeer. If you like rootbeer floats you will LOVE this recipe. I tried with diet rootbeer to cut the calories but regular rootbeer is much better.. A shot on rocks is great also! Enjoy all!!!

  3. DIA Post author

    Angela, that sounds awesome. We like ours with a splash of bourbon, but we’ll have to give rootbeer a try.


  4. Mary Kovars

    Love Rumchata!!! Was surprised to find out it is made in my home town of Pewaukee Wisconsin. I guess that’s why it’s a Wisconsin and Illinois drink.

  5. Guy

    I’ve always loved Horchata, it’s my favorite drink when I stop at my local taco stand. Never heard of rumchata and saw this stuff sitting on the shelf the other day and decided to try it. This stuff is delicious! Can’t even tell it has alcohol. It tastes exactly like horchata. mmm good.

  6. crystal

    This stuff is so good I work at the Botteling company I bottle it it is so good with root beer…

  7. Naomi Bean

    Effing delicious! Take it from someone who’s been drinking horchata her whole life and is no stranger to rum; Rumchata is hands down the most satisfying and uniquely amazing beverage I have ever tasted. It’s sweet sexy rich taste smell and texture licks each of my senses and sends my mood instantly skyward. I work at a bar in a small far west subarb of Chicago and was recently introduced to Rumchata by co-workers and I am in LOVE<3 it has become my nightly ritual to have a glass of it on the rocks each night following my shift and its smoothe pleasurable cinnamon and vanilla sweetness is indescribable=)
    Mmm More Rumchata please!

  8. DIA Post author

    We have to agree, Naomi. On the rocks is definitely the way we like our Rumchata.


  9. Carol

    My husband and I own Rosati’s Restaurant in Green Bay and he just recently bought a few bottles of RumChata and had me try it last night for the first time. OMG….it’s fabulous! I had several glasses of it on the rocks was hooked! (I think I drank 1/2 the bottle!) The French toast recipe sounds really good so I will have to try that, too.

  10. Theresa

    try a shot of UV Cake and 3/4 shot of rum chata and top off with rootbeer. You have a Rootbeer float. OMG is this amazing.

  11. DIA Post author

    Theresa, that sounds awesome. Connie, we couldn’t agree more…any favorite way to drink it?


  12. Cheeka

    I am absolutely addicted! I have been drinking this since last summer. I had to buy it in a town 2 hours away cause they didn’t sell it anywhere around here. I took a bottle(empty) into a local liquor store and asked them to please order it for me. When the distributor came they were only going to get 2 bottles but he talked them into getting a case. That was at 4:00 on a Friday. They opened one bottle to try it & sampled it out to anyone that came in. I picked up the bottle they set aside for me at 3:00 the next afternoon & they only had one bottle left!

    I love it plain over crushed ice, unfortunately I think I’ve gained 10lbs!

  13. DIA Post author

    It certainly is picking up steam & flying off the shelves. Does the heavy calorie factor play a role in how much you drink it? Or is it one of those, “it’s too good to be bothered by the cal count”?

    Thanks for sharing, Cheeka!


  14. Kim

    Where can we get Rumchata in California???? Here on vacation, told my sister how good it is and now can’t find it anywhere! What up with that????

  15. DIA Post author

    Hey Kim, where are you in California? We know they sell it in LA. You can also order it online from RumChata’s online retail partners: BevMo!, DrinkUpNy and Merwin Liquors.

    Enjoy your time in the Cali!


  16. Sarah

    Love this stuff. A lot of my friends can’t stand it but I swear I can’t get enough of it. The bar tender at my regular bar makes me root beer floats using root beer and “chata pops.” Which is really just frozen rum chata. But I love it.

  17. Jill Walker

    We came up with a Rumchata shake!! Rumchata, choc syrup and vanilla ice cream…HOLY DELICIOUS!! 🙂 Try it, you will not be disappointed.

  18. annette

    I love drinking it with coke, but how do u pour it without getting e foamy cottage cheesy head on it??

  19. Sarah

    LOVE RUMCHATA!! First time i had it was on a party bus with a wedding party being passed around…big hit ever since!! Hard to find in the bar in southeast Michigan… have heard it mixed with Jager as a shot and mixed with Three Olive Loopy for a drink

  20. De

    Good Stuff.! I tried the french toast, fantastic. I believe will include this in our St. Pattys Day Pre-Parade Brunch. Southside Chicago.

    Enjoy and Be Safe….What the hell, a round for the entire group on me!!!!

  21. Christine

    Rum Chata ia A-Mazing! I love it so much! I have told every friend about it, and kind of wish I didn’t because now, its even harder to keep on the store shelves in CA!!!! This is by far, my new FAV!!!! Gotta have my RUM CHATA!!!!!

  22. Dawny

    So the first time I had it. It was rum chata. vodka, and baileys. We ran out of bailey so we used French vanilla coffee creamer. Delicious!!! I thought I need to serve this at my christmas party. Since I used to bartend. I came up with: rumchata. Vanilla vodka. Mint chocolate baileys. Candy cane on the side. If we run out of baileys it will be coffee creamer. YummO!!!! U must trust me and try. Oh and by the way. We had chocolate shavings in the top!!!!

  23. DIA Post author

    Dawny – it sounds like you’re a RumChata pro. Thanks for sharing your recipes. Cheers, DIA

  24. LisaD

    I’m in NC and couldn’t find RumChata anywhere, but recently went into the Shopette on the Air Force Base here and Thank God, they have it!!! My husband and I were living in Elmira, NY (upstate) a year ago, and were in a large liquor store for a wine tasting. A young man came over and said to us that he was having a liquor tasting on the other side of the room, and we should come try his samples. So we went over to try RumChata and 2 other items. I was hooked on RumChata and don’t want to ruin it – we just pour it over ice in a pretty large glass. Devine!

  25. Aaron

    Recipes aside — it’s great by itself. I like to just sip it on the rocks.

    If anyone’s wondering about the taste, a friend of mine heard a pretty good comparison: it’s like the milk left in the bowl after you have cinnamon toast crunch.

  26. Mike

    So this is for kids or adults without refined pallets?
    I’m not sure what the fascination is with a cloyingly sweet, artificial tasting drink.


  27. Dan

    You want a true cinnamon toast crunch flavor mix it with Captain Morgan spiced rum pretty Darn good stuff

  28. Centrailia

    No one said you had to like it Mike, but you don’t have to knock others who do. Such childish ways…. Rum Chata is a nice sipping drink.

  29. caroline

    at Christmas,first taste,hooked completely. bought giant bottle and put on tira misu, blintzes, crushed cookies, anything i can dream up. rarely drink but this is so much fun.

  30. Taphney

    Just tried Rum Chata for the very first time today!.all I can say is YUMMY!!!My New Favorite!!Added it to RootBeer and it tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal!!..Its awesomE!!

  31. jack 0 highlander

    December 16th, 2012 at 8:33 am
    So this is for kids or adults without refined pallets?
    I’m not sure what the fascination is with a cloyingly sweet, artificial tasting drink.

    very well put but I however I do like it

  32. Shelley

    Amazingly delicious! Pour it over ice cream, have it in coffee, toss a couple shots into a Dad’s Root Beer, make French Toast with it, or just have it over cereal. Yeah, it’s THAT good.

  33. Jim P.

    Best French Toast. 2 ounces of Rum Chata plus 1 ounce of Patron Cafe. Mix in shaker over ice and pour into brandy glass. Went to a party where everyone bought the host a bottle for his birthday. Ran out of Patron Cafe unfortunately and everone made all kinds of drinks.

  34. Sierra

    Im one of those girls who only like to drink if I cant taste the alcohol, RumChata is PERFECT for that. hands down my favorite so far LOVE IT!! anyone who hasn’t should really try RumChata cupcakes they are DELICIOUS, even better with cream cheese frosting

  35. Kris

    I used a 2 oz shot glass:
    3/4 Rum Chata, fill will Blue Red Bull (blueberry). I recomend you drink it quickly, due to the carbonation in the Red Bull. It tastes like blueberry buckle.

  36. DIA Post author

    Hi Patricia,

    Looks like there are several locations around San Bernardino, CA that sell Rumchata. You can check out the full list here. It usually retails around $20. Let us know if you have any more questions and enjoy the Rumchata.


  37. grim

    really…. whos the turd that decided to try to look stuck up and said “So this is for kids or adults without refined pallets?” go stick your finger in a light socket you uptight dork…

    The rest of us want to party like real down home people!!!! You know the people that work for a living to make the world go around!!!

    Bring on the rumchata! It’s just as good straight out of the bottle. (but then the wife gets pissed cause I drank it all) bahahahaha

  38. ricorumeye

    I enjoy rumchata, very tasty! Someone mentioned they gained 10lbs in a post. Well, I call it doublechin chata, if you know what I’m saying beoyitch!

  39. siobhan

    Tried recipe for pumpkin pie martinis that used rumchata,turned out great!! Never heard of rumchata before that, but can now say I’m a fan.

  40. Joe

    It still boggles my mind when people order this shit. Then again, not so much, because those are the same people who would consider Blue Moon a craft beer. Adults without refined pallets, indeed.

  41. Paul

    Interesting comments. To sweet, only enjoyed by people with poor palates or taste. The drink has been around for thousands of years! The flavors are complex and interesting. If you don’t like it, don’t drink it! Not every one can enjoy this drink, I don’t know why, maybe it’s because they have no or poor taste. It’s not my everyday drink but it has a place and style all it’s own. As do most drinks. Just sit back and savor the flavor…..if you can’t do that then just shut up and leave the rest of us alone. We don’t care what you think.! It is a wonderful break from the ordinary.

  42. Chris

    To the people saying it’s for “unrefined palettes” or a “kids drink.” RumChata is basically just rum added to Horchata. Horchata was a beverage made by the ancient egyptians… yeah, those pansies.

  43. Angela

    I love Rumchada!!! I made french toast one night and my daughter and I loved it. I drink it by itself and add it to my hot chai. It is that good. I found my love for drinking again. lol

  44. Tugrik

    Our favorite cocktail: the Latino Russian

    1 oz vodka (Russian Standard Platinum is good!)
    1/2 oz Patron XO Cafe
    2 oz Rumchata

    Put a few pieces of ice in a highball glass. Stir the vodka and Patron XO Cafe together with the ice. Pour the chilled Rumchata atop and serve. Let the drinker decide if they want to swirl it up or drink it layered.

  45. Cecilia Davis

    Try the drink call Orchata rum cream with a. touch of cinnamon made by Chila i myself don’t care for cinnamon in a drink but by far.the best cream drink i have ever tasted little better then Rum Chata.

  46. D.T. Baker

    The commercials on youtube are annoying…the phony cooking school graduate and his sister, who sounds like a bad Martha Stewart impression. Truly awful and enough that I will never try it no matter how it “brings the flavors to the forefront.” Blah.

  47. Kimberly

    Well… I don’t know what people like about it. I tried it, not awesome. I’ve also(that I’m aware of, being as i live in west Texas,)have never had horchata. But i just couldn’t stomach it. Good thing it was just a 99¢trial bottle. Hahaha
    I’m not sure, but horchata,to me, sounds like a Hispanic dessert dish, and i absolutely LOVE Mexican food. It’s every where down here. I’m only about 4/5 hours from the boarder. I just don’t get it.

  48. Kimberly

    Ha! Just did research! It’s of valencian origin. It’s rice, tigernut,sugar, cream. It’s just a rice pudding drink basically. And yes! Horchata is very common where I’m from. If you like rice pudding… Go for it. I just don’t care for it. Haha! I get it now! And am glad to see that i wasn’t far off my original guess! Give me a mojito any day!

  49. Deborah Thompson

    An ad in People magazine caught my eye a few months ago. The sexy bottle and the name RumChata spoke to me. I thought, “A drink for a woman”! I’m a “woman”! I had to try it. I’ve always loved rum drinks/cocktails, I even bake with rum (send RumChata cake recipe please). I’m having a “GIRLS NIGHT OUT” party this summer, I need sample bottles for their gift bags, can’t find anywhere. Can anyone point me in the right direction….NYC?

  50. Joe Negley, Jr

    Watching the Steeler game with family. We tried a shot of Rumchata, a shot of Capt. Morgan Pumpkin Spiced Rum, and topped it off with apple cider all over ice… Its like drinking fall from a glass!
    We experienced some curdling, but it wasn’t so much to be off-putting. Just give er a stir once in a while.

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