Redd’s Strawberry “Ale”

Beer September 10, 2013 23 Comments.

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After the debut of Apple Ale during a 2013 Super Bowl commercial, Redd’s has now released a new flavor: Redd’s Strawberry Ale. Apparently Apple Ale did so well (seriously who bought it?) that they decided to add a new flavor to their profile. Strawberry Ale (5% ABV) has low malt with the taste of strawberries and crisp apples. So really, it’s beer with apple and strawberry flavors.


We’re not trying to rag on Redd’s but this sounds like a sugary chemical blend of fruit used to mask any existing beer flavor. Have you tried Redd’s Apple or Strawberry Ale? Tell us what you thought of it. Don’t be shy; we want your honest opinion.



23 thoughts on “Redd’s Strawberry “Ale”

  1. ms.lady

    I have tried both and I am very pleased with both. Maybe you should try them before u right a review…
    How can you give your opinion about something u haven’t tried…
    I recommend strawberry.

  2. DIA Post author

    Hi Ms. Lady,

    Thanks for your comment. We haven’t tried Redd’s Ale so this isn’t a review but we do base our opinions off first impressions. Even though Redd’s isn’t for us, we know that many people enjoy it.

    What do you like about Redd’s? We’d love to hear your insight.


  3. JD

    I’m drinking my first Redd’s Strwaberry ale as I write this. I find it quite refreshing. I’m not into extremely sweet adult beverages. I usually stick to dirty martinis and whiskey/scotch but not every situation is appropriate for drinks of that nature. Also, here in Texas the liquor stores close down at 9 pm every night except Sunday when they are closed so you have to have an easily accessible (read sold at a corner store) backup. I was a fan of the original because its a nice alternative to all the ciders making their way onto the market. I am fond of a few but most are just too sweet. I feel that Redd’s gives you something similar without it tasting like some kind of wine cooler we used to slam in highschool.

  4. tjb99

    I’m having my first REDDS strawberry and, though I’m showing my age, this is Zima with fruit flavoring.

  5. Sempar

    Good stuff. Tried it at the local liquor store’s tasting. Bought it because it didn’t taste like beer!

  6. MissM

    I love it! I usually prefer mixed drinks or cocktails, and sometimes (usually in the summer) an occasional beer. I was trying to find something that wasn’t straight up beer but not a sugary sweet Smirnoff Ice or something… and this was great. Barely, barely tastes like beer at all, but not overpowering on the sweet side, either. It’s like a really light champagne or a light sweet white wine with a hint of fruity flavor. I think I found my new fave.

  7. Jaybird

    I am not a fan of Redd’s. They are watered down apple flavored beer. Give me a hard cider any day! At least they have bold flavor!

  8. nana g

    Im a huge beer fan, but once or twice a year i have to try something different. Redds strawberry ale is definately my pick now. I have a hard time drinking beer now. Dont like girly frufru drinks, and redds is not like that.

  9. McK

    At 54, I’m a little weary of the mundane, blase, over-produced beers. So-called “craft” beers are OK, but I’m bored with those, as well. And the typical wine cooler, is nothing but cheap swill. On the other hand, Red’s Apple Ale is good. Palatable, at the very least & 100% better than those Smirnoff malt concoctions. In the end, I’m just looking for something “different”. Red’s is different. Strawberry Ale being the best . . . . not too sweet . . . . not too dry. It’s refreshing, with a clean after taste. Definitely worth a sip! Oh, and one more thing . . . . it tastes NOTHING like beer (ref: MissM, above).

  10. bikingman

    Quote from DIA – “Thanks for your comment. We haven’t tried Redd’s Ale so this isn’t a review but we do base our opinions off first impressions. Even though Redd’s isn’t for us, we know that many people enjoy it.”

    So how can you know if it is for you or not if you don’t try it? I brew my own beers and enjoy this Redd’s Strawberry Ale also. I can tell you this is a very light and crispy tasting session beer. With a very strong strawberry aroma up front and a slight hint of apple taste with a regular beer flavor finish.


  11. pova

    Just drank my first Redd’s Strawberry and it’s damn good. It is most definitely an “Exceptionally crisp…ale”! It’s a truly manly alternative to a wine cooler. Don’t knock it til ya try it!

  12. MiB0602

    Now, just to put things in perspective I should tell you that I hardly ever drink alcohol at all. It isn’t unusual for me to go a year or two without drinking anything. Mainly because I haven’t found anything I could stomach for more than a sip or two. So one day I decided to buy a six pack of Redd’s Strawberry Ale and give it a shot and I found it to be delicious and smooth and nowhere nearly overpowering as most beers and liquors are for me. I can’t tell you how much I enjoy being able to have a beverage that is so delicious. From a relative non drinker such as myself I hope they continue to brew Redd’s for a long, long time.

  13. Sharbear

    I liked the apple ale, but it was very sickly sweet it didn’t always sit so well with me. Last night I was at the store and decided to pick up the strawberry ale and wow was I pleasantly surprised. It did not taste like artificial apple or strawberry what so ever. It tasted just like a real strawberry, not over malty, just a crisp and clean taste. I definitely recommend it 🙂

  14. old soul

    not a big beer drinker but corona light with a slice of lime was the only delightful one for me, tried redds apple ale, has a vinegar taste. Then a friend said you tried the wrong one, try the strawberry and what a difference. Crisp strawberry flavor, hint of apple and light beer after taste.
    my preference now….

  15. hate beer

    I don’t like beer at all. I have tried many different kinds and have never liked one of them. Until I tried Redds Strawberry Ale. It is awesome! I want to buy myself a lifetime supply in case they quit selling it.

  16. Mary Delgado

    I love Redd’s Strawberry Ale! It tastes great and you can’t beat the price! I have never liked the taste of beer, but I don’t pick up that taste at all with Redd’s Strawberry. I didn’t really care for their apple ale, but the strawberry rocks it!

  17. Sandra Kreger

    I hate beer plain and simple!! I had not touched a beer for 32 years ….. Until that is, I was introduced to REDD’S STRAWBERRY ALE. I can not seem to get enough of the stuff!! Mmmmm, Yummy!! =o)

  18. sharon goins

    I don’t like the taste of beer or malt products, but the Redds apple ale is so incredibly tasty that I was surprised that I drank the entire bottle and have sung its praises to everyone. Thank you for this achievement in brewing mastery.

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