They’re at it again. Redd’s is slowly but surely taking over the fruity flavored ale category. Strawberry, Apple and new flavors on the horizon – are we looking at domination?

According to reports, Redd’s is beating out Mike’s Hard and other malt beverage brands that we know and love. And it looks like they’re going to keep on growing. Last week, the apple ale giants announced their variety pack, which will feature their latest release Redd’s Hard Iced Tea. Better watch your back, Twisted Tea.

In addition to the boozy iced tea flavor, rumor has it that Redd’s will also release a higher ABV ale called Redd’s Wicked Apple. This boozier version of their debut ale will be available in ten and twenty oz. cans starting in August.

So you tell us: do you drink Redd’s? Do we need to give it another try?