KEEL vodka

It’s true, just ask former New England Patriots lineman Matt Light. The retired pro footballer teamed up with KEEL Vodka to bring a light spirit to the market that men can enjoy.


Bill Dessel and Tom McGowan, two Rhode Island natives, founded KEEL Vodka back in 2010 and just launched the product this spring. The two entrepreneurs wanted to create a vodka that men could enjoy while maintaining an active, healthy lifestyle. Think the vodka you can drink and still go to the gym, hike and do other manly things.


KEEL is a premium light vodka at 24% ABV that has only 58 calories per shot. For comparison sake, Skinnygirl has about 75 calories per 1.5 oz., aka no longer the skinniest vodka out there. KEEL first launched in Newport, RI in April and is now making it’s way through Massachusetts with the help of Matt Light who’s helping to promote the vodka in his team’s home state. You’ll have to travel to New England for a bottle but Dessel and McGowan are looking to expand across the country in the future.


Light spirits and cocktails are on the rise so KEEL couldn’t have come at a better time. Gentlemen, would you drink this low calorie vodka?