While we would normally reach for a glass of Champagne when we’re about to toast, we discovered recently that more people might be reaching for a different bottle of bubbly. Prosecco, the other sparkling wine, has been making moves in the bubbly world and we decided to get the scoop on its popularity from the winos that know best.


Like we said, Prosecco isn’t always our go to glass of bubbly but according to the experts we’re all drinking it like it’s going out of style. Matthew Kaner (Covell, Los Angeles) says that people are ordering the bubbly without even questioning whether it’s on the menu. Jeff Kellogg, wine director at Maialino, agrees with Kaner saying it’s that refreshing drink that people start their night off so they’re ordering it without hesitation. We admit, we’ve been asking for it much more lately.


With all of this newfound popularity, Prosecco is creeping up on Champagne, the king of the sparkling wine world. Our wino friends think we’re finally realizing just how good the bubbly really is, especially for the price of the bottle (about $15). Brayan Bamaca of the Bubble Lounge, points out that we’re typically mistaking Prosecco for cheap bubbles when it has a delicious flavor with a low price sticker. Juliana Montebello, wine buyer for Pizza Rustica, agrees saying that most of the time Prosecco can offer more flavor than most inexpensive Champagnes. Sounds to us like Prosecco is becoming the delicious and cheaper alternative to Champs.


The best part about bubbly? It tastes amazing straight up and delicious in a cocktail. Jeff Kralik, the Drunken Cyclist, prefers his bubbles unadulterated but will indulge in the occasional Kir Royale. Kristen Georgi of the Armchair Sommelier likes her Prosecco in a cocktail because it’s light and fun to drink. And they’re not the only ones. Here are a few recipes that our bartender and wine experts friends suggest for your next bottle of Prosecco.