Last week, the bubbly was flowing in honor of New Year’s celebrations. Typically, glasses are filled with Champagne but another sparkling beverage may have toasted your night off this year: Prosecco. It’s on its way to the top, about to burst Champagne’s bubble.


The Italian sparkling wine comes from the small village of Prosecco, home of the Glera grapes, which are used to make the drink. It’s slightly sweet, bubbly and hits the spot with a light, crisp flavor. Yum.


Last year, Prosecco sales skyrocketed by 38% while Champagne only achieved a measly 0.8%. So what’s the deal? We have a few ideas. First off, at 11% ABV Prosecco is only a little less boozy than Champagne (13%). This being said, Prosecco only costs about $13-18 a bottle while Champagne could set you back quite a bit. Meanwhile, Prosecco brands are popping up left and right while new Champagne brands are harder to come by. With all of this increased interest, it’s only natural that brands jump on the Prosecco bandwagon. Drink up because soon it’ll be everywhere.


It’s already becoming a classic beverage for toasts and special occasions, and Prosecco is appearing regularly on cocktail menus and in liquor stores. Sotto 13, a restaurant in NYC, even serves up a DIY Prosecco bar for their Sunday brunch crowd. We prefer it in our Bellini and other delicious recipes, like a Sage Ginger Prosecco Cocktail. Make one, you won’t regret it.


Tell us your thoughts on Prosecco. Would you buy it over a bottle of Champagne?