When a new year begins, people love to resolve to become “better” people. We don’t really do that, but we do try to broaden our horizons every year and try to break out of our comfort zones a little bit. One of the biggest ruts we let ourselves get into is drinking the same thing… all. the. time. Sound familiar?


To ring in the new year, we wanted to help you try something new, while still sticking with what you know and like. Find one of your favorite cocktails below, along with our recommended new cocktail that you should try.


Old Drink: Cosmopolitan

New Drink: Apple-tini


You started drinking Cosmos because the girls on Sex and the City did, and you just never stopped. We get it. Try an Apple-tini instead; it still has the vodka, triple sec, lime juice and citron you’re used to, but swapping out the cranberry juice for apple pucker will change your life.


Old Drink: Mimosa

New Drink: Bellini


Mimosas are the ultimate brunch beverage and they’re generally the only reason our friends can drag us out of the house before noon on a Sunday. Bellinis are still fruity and refreshing like Mimosas, but instead of using orange juice, Bellinis are made with peach puree or juice.


Old Drink: Margarita

New Drink: Drunken Superman


Let’s get this out of the way: Drunken Superman is a stupid name. If you can get past that, you’ll have a positive drinking experience. The Drunken Superman is served in a margarita glass and shares several similar components, but it’s just different enough to make you feel like you’re taking a walk on the wild side.


Old Drink: Mojito

New Drink: Caipirinha


Mojitos get so much attention, but you should not ignore the Caipirinha – it’s fresh, it’s got the lime, it’s got the sugar…but it’s better. (Yes, bold statement…but we stand behind it).


Of course, if you’re the type of girl that goes from blonde to brunette without blinking, you may just want to ignore these easy transitions and try a completely new drink in 2014. Either way, here’s to new beginnings.