This article was supposed to be about favorite baseball park beers around the county, but we got sidetracked by the price of beer at ballparks around the county.


A place called Team Research in Chicago, IL has put together a fan cost index for everything from ticket prices to concession items. Our eyes naturally gravitated to beer.


You gotta check this out (if you care about either baseball or beer).


In short, the most expensive brewski is in Boston: $7.25 for a cold one at Fenway.


The least expensive is in Arizona: $4.00 at a Diamondback game.


The MLB average price of a beer is $5.81, up two cents from last year. The gall.


We were surprised to see that the price of beer didn’t always correlate to the ticket price, although it mostly did. The Oakland As and the Cleveland Indians, amongst others, seem to have the right idea: modest ticket price; modest beer prices.


There’s a movement afoot to tie ticket price to team performance. We might petition to do the same for beer. You in?