Dry January is upon us! For the last few years, a solid percentage of Americans have made the commitment to abstain from alcohol to start the new year. This winter is no different, and honestly, it feels like the trend might be here to stay.


If you’re looking to enjoy your favorite cocktail without a buzz (or a hangover) you’ll need some alternatives. That’s where we come in. The world of non-alcoholic spirits is exploding lately, so we figured we’d share some of our favorites with you.


Spiritless Kentucky 74


This one is for all you bourbon nuts out there. Kentucky 74 is made with all the flavors you know and love from your bar cart, but without the booze, creating a non-alcoholic spirit that bartenders are loving. Drink it straight, or add it to your favorite bourbon-based mixed drink. Either way, a great choice for Dry January and beyond.



Seedlip Spice 94


Born across the pond in 2015, Seedlip was one of the first non-alcoholic spirits you could find at bars (in our experience, mostly high-end places, but that’s starting to change now). They make three different flavors, herbal, citrus, and aromatic (our favorite), so you can pick and choose depending on your mocktail of choice. As the grandfather of the alcohol-free spirit market, Seedlip is always welcome on our bar carts.




Lyre’s Dark Cane Spirit


Lyre’s, as a brand, has one of the most extensive lines of non-alcoholic offerings, mimicking just about any liquor you might want to replace. And they’re not trying to overwhelm you with quantity to mask quality: in 2020 the Dark Cane Spirit was winning awards against full strength spirits. A great rum alternative, we’ll be busting out that same Dark Cane for some hot buttered rum this winter.




Ceder’s Wild


If you’re a gin lover looking to start the year sober, Ceder’s is your new best friend. A selection of four non-alcoholic spirits, our favorite of which is the Wild, which has the juniper flavor you’re looking for, plus a bit of spice that adds something new (and a bit more winter-appropriate) to your favorite cocktail. 




Ritual Tequila Alternative


Ritual Zero Proof lays it all out there for you. Their offerings: Tequila Alternative, Rum Alternative, Gin Alternative, Whiskey Alternative, Aperitif Alternative. We like a brand that doesn’t beat around the bush, and we like good tequila. Try the Ritual Tequila in a non-alcoholic margarita and thank us later.


Of course, there are more and more awesome non-alcoholic spirit choices popping up every day now. Have a favorite offering that we missed? Leave a comment and let us know!