Did you participate in dry January this year? Good for you. But were you still looking for some non-alcoholic drinks to toss back on the weekends? Look no further.

Welcome to the sober-curious movement. While the hard stuff is still king, over the last few years we’ve seen a real increase in demand (and therefore supply) for non-alcoholic drinks. Whether it’s beer, wine, or something ‘stronger’, chances are you’ll be able to find an alcohol-free version of your favorite drink out there.

What is a Mocktail? 

Ordering a virgin drink at a bar isn’t just for your baby cousin anymore. The rise of the mocktail is in full swing, in terms of online popularity as well as dollars and cents.

Mocktails are what they say are: a faux cocktail. We’ve seen a growing number of bars and restaurants offer their own recipes, and companies selling pre-mixed options in stores as well. Many are re-creations of drinks you already know and love, but without the booze or with alcohol-free spirits as a substitute.

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What is Non-Alcoholic Beer?

It’s simple: beer that is brewed and has the alcohol removed after the fact. At least, that’s one common way to make it.

The popularity of non-alcoholic beer continues to grow, with some new brewers specializing in alcohol free drinks (e.g., Athletic Brewing Co), as well as established household names (e.g., Budweiser) creating their own NA products to get in on the action.

We’ve seen products range from standard light beer flavors all the way into the depths of the craft beer world. These days you can find any beer from an IPA to a heavy stout, sans-alcohol. We bet your friend with a man-bun and a beer journal can give you some recommendations.

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What is Non-Alcoholic Wine?

While not as popular as beer and spirits, non-alcoholic wine is an option too! Like its beer counterpart, it’s available for purchase in all the varieties you already know and love. NA wine is still made from grapes, still fermented and aged, and still pairs nicely with your favorite meals, but basically gets the alcohol zapped out of it, leaving a final product with all the good parts and none of the intoxicating ones.

A dry, or even damp, lifestyle can have a variety of driving factors. From being tired of hangovers to wanting to sleep better, having non-alcoholic options allows people to still enjoy a drink in a social setting without the after effects we all love to hate.

The world of non-alcoholic drinks is expected to keep growing, too. So, keep your eyes out and your mind open! Leave a comment below and let us know what you think about the alcohol-free movement!