When it comes to non-alcoholic beverages, beer is king in terms of sales and options. Some say it’s because sobriety is in. We’d say it doesn’t hurt that there are more and more great tasting non-alcoholic options popping up everywhere you look. So how do you know which ones to try?


Like full-strength beer, most stick to the labels and flavor profiles you know and love (think: IPA, Pilsner, Amber Ale). So, if you have a favorite style, chances are you can find a non-alcoholic version in the aisle of your nearest liquor store. If not, here are some of the options we’ve enjoyed lately.


Heineken 0.0


If you’re venturing into the world of non-alcoholic beverages for the first time, Heinieken 0.0 is a great place to start because if you like the real deal, you’ll like this NA version. The Dutch brewer was one of the first household names to venture into the NA market (you might’ve seen the commercials) and has one of the more convincing alcohol-free replicas you’ll find. Light and tasty, just like a Heineken should be.


Bitburger Drive


Think of a country known for beer. Got it? Germany? How’d we know? Any beer list wouldn’t be complete without a German Pilsner, on this list it’s Bitburger’s Drive. Bright, hoppy, and internationally-awarded, Drive is a worthy addition to your next night as designated driver. It might be tougher to get your hands on than some other options on this list, but you’ll be glad you gave it a try. 


Athletic Brewing Company Run Wild IPA

Athletic Brewing has been synonymous with the world of NA beer over the last few years, as they’ve become one of the most popular choices for beer lovers looking to make the switch. Its IPA is one you’re sure to enjoy; it’s taken home a variety of brewing awards and has even fooled some drinkers into thinking it’s higher than the listed <0.5% ABV. Grab a six pack next time you see it on the shelf and let us know what you think.


Lagunitas IPNA


The California brewers have been making the strong stuff since the 90s but in 2020 released their non-alcoholic IPA to the delight of many. It feels like a craft beer, and is made with the same ingredients as the real thing, providing that bitter taste that IPA lovers crave (for that crowd’s information, the IPNA has 28 IBUs). 


Guinness 0.0


There are some people (crazies) out there that love dark beer, the crown jewel of which happens to be Guinness, who happens to also make a non-alcoholic version. Everything those people love about Guinness, the color, the pour, the creaminess, the finish, it’s all there. So if a stout is your thing, Guinness 0.0 might be your new favorite. 

Have a different non-alcoholic brew in mind when you think of the best of the best? Drop a comment and let us know what it is! We’re always welcome to new recs.