Orleans Apple Aperitif is a core of apple with the slippery feeling of your feet on a piece of slab ice.  It’s a run through an herb patch, basil, lemon thyme, chocolate mint stopping off to stomp through a citrus grove- all stuck to the sides of your pant legs.  It makes sense to use this elixir for creative mixology, primarily because the flavor of Apple Ice Wine is so unique.  There is nothing on the market like it.  I champion their efforts for great mixology because I’m interested in the unique and the sublime. Orleans is all these things.


True the French have their Lillet and the Austrians have their herbal alcoholic aperitif preparations that stimulate the palate- but Orleans is something different.  It works over the taste buds in a tornado of activity.  Memory works in many interesting ways- focusing the essence of the iced apple elixer deep within the brain.  Is this a scintillating sip or a metaphor for new cocktail experimentation?  Let’s see.


Faubourg Marigny cocktail


1 round ice cube (You can find these from Glace Ice or you can make it yourself-slowly)

2 shots of Orleans Aperitif

1 teaspoon of Milagro Agave nectar

1 shot Milagro Silver Tequila (Oak Barrel aged)

2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed pear juice

1 sprig of lemon thyme



Chill the liquors in a cocktail shaker with ice

In a coupe glass that one very finely made ice cube sits, add the fresh pear juice and a squeeze of the agave nectar to coat the cube

pour the liquors over the ice cube into the fruit juice

crumble a few tiny leaves of the thyme over the top and garnish with the remaining sprig.


St. Bart’s “the lack of a moral compass” Fizz


2 shots of Orleans Apple Aperitif

1 shot Rhum Agricole Blanc Rhum JM in Martinique (essential)

1 tsb. fresh milk

1 tsb. Rhum JM Sugar Cane Sirop (yes there is an o instead of a u)

1 egg white

2 shakes of Bitter Truth Pimento Dram

Club Soda

garnish with a slice of apple



Froth the milk and egg white together to make a foam, set aside

to a cocktail shaker add fresh ice in large cubes, the Orleans Apple Aperitif and the Rhum Agricole Blanc from JM, add the Syrop of Cane, then the Pimento Dram. Shake to mix. Strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice, add a splash of club soda and top with the fresh foam.

Pour into your open mouth.


Kind Prescription Glasses


2 shots of Orleans Apple Aperitif

1 shot Snap (USDA Certified Organic Ginger Snap Liquor)

a few splashes of Q-Tonic Ginger Soda (Made with pure Cane sugar)

5 shakes of BItter Cube Jamaican #2 Bitters (Essential!)



To a cocktail shaker filled with fresh ice, add 2 shots of Orleans Apple Aperitif, then 1 shot of Snap USDA Certified Organic Ginger Snap liquor (80 proof!) add 5 shakes of Bittercube Jamaican #2 Bitters, Shake to mix, Strain into a tall cocktail glass over rock ice and then top with Q-Tonic Ginger Soda.


Wave to Rye cocktail


2 Shots Bulleit Rye Whisky (essential)

1 shot Orleans Apple Aperitif

5 healthy drops of Bitter End Thai Bitters

1 house made or commercially available Maraschino Cherry like those from Baker & Mills (NY) *essential! DO NOT USE those red things in a jar*

Fresh Ice



In a cocktail shaker add fresh ice, then the Bulleit Rye Whisky, add the Orleans Apple Aperitif and five drops of Bitter End Thai Bitters

Shake and strain into a Rocks Glass with fresh cube ice. Garnish with a Barker & Mills Cherry.


This is a guest post from Warren Bobrow