We are proud to announce our newest Kickstarter obsession brought to you from some fellow bros, Matt and Aaron. Their product, The BROpener allows you to make anything you want into a bottle opener. You know that bookcase next to your flat screen? It could be a bottle opener and a bookcase, instantly much cooler. Your kitchen counters or your tailgate? Yup, those too. It’s a simple yet genius design, a small rectangular piece of anodized, aircraft grade aluminum with a back made entirely of super strong double stick tape. They even made it magnetic so your discarded bottle caps stick to it and don’t cover the floor and counters. Well done.
From the DIA guys perspective: This is sweet. It’s worth it to get at least one for my place (and maybe one for the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the garage.) Yes, I said the bathroom.
From the DIA girls perspective: A regular bottle opener that I can bring with me everywhere, and carry with me in my purse, would be more convenient. If its not too expensive I’d get one, mainly for when I have people over.
It’s important to note that they actually have not met their goal on Kickstarter yet, meaning that if they don’t get enough money donated, they might not be able to share the wonders of the BROpener with the world. Is this something you could see yourself using?