If you’ve never heard of Kickstarter before, it’s a website where you can try to get funding for your creative endeavors. Other members will read about your idea and if it’s something they want to get behind, they can give you money toward “kickstarting” your project. The only thing is, you have to meet your monetary goal by a certain date – if you don’t reach the goal, you don’t get any of the money you’ve raised. Ouch.
We love searching this website to find liquor-inspired projects. Seriously, what is more wonderful than bringing boozy treats to the world? We find that a lot of alcohol-themed projects don’t just get fully funded, but receive even more money than they originally asked for. A few cool projects we came across that received their full funding include:

BeerBug, a wireless hydrometer that measures the specific gravity and temperature of your home brew fermentation process. It sends continuous fermentation information to all your fancy electronic devices so you can see your fermentation in real-time.
Prohibition Bakery, a New York City bakery that sells delicious alcohol-infused cupcakes. Flavors include Mulled Wine (mulling spices, Bedell Cellars First Crush Red, pear brandy), Birthday Cake (lemon, vodka, Frangelico) and Pretzels & Beer (pale ale, Nutella, pretzel, truffle).

There are also a few projects that are still waiting to be fully funded that we think are kind of cool:

Pint Craft, a game aimed at casual gamers and beer enthusiasts. Their description says there are multiple strategies to win at Pint Craft including: focusing on seasonal beers, building your own brewery business, and going for high gravity styles.
The La Flute Corkscrew, a corkscrew that is shaped like a wine glass. It doesn’t completely penetrate the cork, preventing cork debris from falling into your bottle of wine.

The best (and most selfish) part of funding projects on Kickstarter? Each project has incentives for donating certain dollar amounts, so in addition to helping a new business, you also get presents for yourself.