When you’re an adult trying to throw a decent party, there’s something about having a keg that screams “college!” even if you’re just trying to make it easy on yourself by buying in bulk. Orlando entrepreneur David Brunson has found a way to let you have your keg, but present it in such a way that looks classy at the same time (or so he says).

Brunson’s business is called Taps From Scratch and he overhauls old refrigerators to make them the ultimate kegerators. Because they are full-sized fridges, they can store the kegs, additional drinks and glasses in the freezer. Brunson says that pub-hubs can house the entire bar all in one place. They can be rented for anywhere from $250-$450 (depending on the number of taps) and many businesses actually buy the pub-hubs for between $790-$1,100. They can hold two kegs, which serve approximately 90 people, or four kegs which serve approximately 180 people.

At the Taps From Scratch store, Brunson hosts sampling events and also has a club for beer enthusiasts that allows them to have access to brewing equipment. A local market owner, Robert Harris, said he bought a pub-hub and keeps it behind his counter. He fills it with all different local beers and says he likes using a product from “someone who’s a local startup business and is trying to do something positive. It’s pretty cool and thoughtful, very easy to use.