As we know Delaware’s Dogfish Head Brewery has launched Noble Rot, a wine/beer hybrid that combines traditional barley, hops, water and yeast with winegrapes. Named for the grape fungus botrytis, which is associated with Sauternes and Tokaji dessert wines, Noble Rot uses Viognier and Pinot Gris grapes sourced from Washington’s Alexandria Nicole Cellars. The 9%-abv offering is available in about 27 states as of now and is priced at $13 a 750-ml.


That’s the newsy portion of this post. Now, the editorial.


We were dragged into a ridiculously awesome candy store last weekend by an unnamed four-year-old (who could read, spell and chant the word “candy” by age two — but which kid can’t?). It was full of nostalgic treats like rootbeer barrels, Mary Jane’, pixie stix and Razzles. Then, there was the aisle all the kids were in: the one with barf, canned dogfood and skunk spray-flavored jelly beans. Here, we counted at least eight items with the word “booger” in the name.

This makes us wonder…. Does this fascination with All Things Disgusting ever grow old? We think not. Consider Buttface Amber Ale, Santa’s Butt, Moose Drool, Old Leghumper, Old Engine Oil, Dog’s Bollocks, Clown Poison, and Pigs Ass Porter. Sure, they all have stories behind them — some of them quaint, but literary, they are not.


So. Seriously. But do you buy this stuff? Or just laugh at it, like a kid in a candy store?