As soon as the weather hits “not-freaking-freezing” in Boston, day-drinkers are all about establishments with patios, porches, or gardens.

To appease the masses (and to obviously make some cash money), Harpoon Brewery opened its own beer garden, dubbed “Keg Yard.” According to The Metro, this new bar will be open on weekends all summer long through October.

Harpoon will have six types of beers on tap, including Harpoon IPA, Camp Wannamango, UFO White, UFO Huckleberry, Harpoon Cider, as well as a rotating tap that may feature the House Golden. You won’t even have to step foot inside the establishment to grab a glass – or one of Harpoon’s famous, warm pretzels for that matter. Besides for food (like warm pretzels) and beer (like UFO White), Key Yard will have yard games (like a giant Jenga), and lawn chairs (like… regular lawn chairs) to chill in.

So if you’re in Boston, you’re looking for a place to drink, and you like sunlight, head on over to the Keg Yard and do a keg stand! (But don’t really because you’ll probably just get kicked out. Just enjoy your beer and sit like a normal person, OK? Thanks.)

The Harpoon Keg Yard is the perfect weekend beer garden. And if you’re a little closer to Vermont than Boston, no worries. Harpoon has a great brewery in Windsor, VT. There might not be giant Jenga, but there’s plenty of beer and outdoor seating!