Apps Apps Apps! No not mozzarella sticks, but feel free to get an order of those … Actually why don’t you go ahead and order two. We’ll meet you there. We’re talking about another app that the tech gods have granted us to make drinking easier and more delicious. It’s called Next Glass and it promises to make you less clueless about wine at the liquor store.

Here’s how it works: After you download Next Glass, you’re asked a few questions about what you’re into in the wine department. From there you can hit the liquor store, scan some labels, and instantly get a rating of how much you’re likely to enjoy each particular beverage. It’s like having Netflix recommendations for your alcohol addiction.

It works for beer too, but we like to think we already know what we’re into as far as our hops and barley intake goes. Wine has always been a game of guess-and-check for us, and we’re glad to see that some of the mystery is gone.